Gastro Intestinal Disorders

Gastro Intestinal Disorders includes the illness affecting from Mouth to Anus. In ancient days our food was harmless and nutritive . But recently we use lot of pesticides and chemicals for commercial production of food . It causes plenty of damages to our soft tissues of our digestive tract and induces so many diseases . we advise our patients not only the suitable medicines also we give guidance for natural food for prevention from further complications


Gastritis: Gastritis general term It means Inflammation of the lining of the stomach. The gastritis is most often the result of infection and bacterium, that causes most stomach ulcers or due to regular use of certain pain relievers.

Fistula Treatment

A fistula is an abnormal connection between two body parts, such as an organ or blood vessel and another structure. Fistulas are usually the result of an injury or surgery. Infection or inflammation may cause the fistula.


Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) occurs when stomach acid repeatedly flows back into the tube connecting your mouth and stomach . This backwash can irritate the lining of your digestive system.

Kidney Stones Treatment

Kidney stones are vary in size and shape. Kidney stones are like hard boulder. if your urine have high levels of certain minerals it will form like pieces of material in one or both of your kidneys.

Piles Treatment without Surgery

It is also called piles, are swollen veins in your anus and lower rectum, similar to varicose veins. Hemorrhoids can develop inside the rectum (internal hemorrhoids) or under the skin around the anus (external hemorrhoids)

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes is a chronic health condition; it affects how your body turns food into energy. Your body breaks down most of the food you eat and it convert to sugar and releases it into your bloodstream. When your blood sugar goes up, it signals your pancreas to release insulin.


A Condition in which the skin and the whites of the eyes become yellow, urine darkens, and the color of stool becomes lighter than normal. Jaundice has many causes, including hepatitis, gallstones and tumours. In adults, jaundice usually doesn't need to be treated.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is defined as reduction in body fat. it will occur extreme cases may also involve loss of protein and other substrates in the body. when you go on a unhealthy diet it will form secondary chance to disease such as infection or cancer.

Irritable Bowel Syndrom

An intestinal disorder causing pain in the stomach, wind, diarrhoea and constipation. Irritable bowel syndrome having symptoms that occur together, including repeated pain in your abdomen and changes in your bowel movements, which may be diarrhoea, constipation, or both.

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